Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh, Man! I Forgot About That Auction!

The perils of being a collector means missing out an an item you really wanted to add to your collection. We've all done it, and as a collector we never forget about it. Heck, the Buyers regret of not buying something can be just as strong as the regret we face when overpaying for an item. Recently, I lost out on an auction that has me kicking myself in the rear end.

It wasn't that it was a good deal. It wasn't, it closed within a price range I though was appropriate- maybe a little high considering the condition. It's just that, as Jackie Robinson collector, it would have been a nice complement to what I already have.

Recently closed is the below circa 1950's leather pencil case featuring a cartoon drawing of Jackie Robinson. Even better, the artwork was done by noted cartoonist Willard Mullin. It closed for $161.49. Several years ago I had picked up a leather keychain that must have come with the below pencil case when originally sold in stores. If I'm not mistaken, a leather wallet also exist.

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