Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I Can Smell That Grass Already

Today was a big day for Dodger Stadium. The new stadium grass was installed. Thankfully, West Coast Turf provided the update, as well as, pictures for us to enjoy.

I only wish the sun was out so we can see the full glory of "green." BTW, they also installed the new fields for the Padres, Angels and Diamondbacks a few days ago.

(Pic Link: TwitPic WestCoastTurf)

Even more interesting is the process of re-sodding the field (Via West Coast Turfs Website):

As with any major yard project, it takes different skill sets, big crews and lots of heavy lifting. A lot of the real work goes on beneath the surface.

Step 1: The old grass comes out, along with about 2 inches of roots, seed and soil (dirt infield areas are left intact).

Step 2: New sand is brought in, about 400 tons, to replace most of the discarded stuff.

Step 3: Gypsum, the double-malt scotch of Southland lawns, is added to loosen the soil and keep it from compacting.

Step 4: The new and existing material are blended together to a depth of 6 or so inches, but not deep enough to disturb the Byzantine system of pipes, pumps and other irrigation devices beneath the field.

Step 5: Using laser guides, contractors smooth the field nearly flat, in preparation for the sod.

Step 6: A 12-man crew from West Coast Turf brings in 100,000 square feet of sod, in 42-inch widths nearly three times as wide as the turf you get at the corner nursery. Over a two-day period, they press and caress this new field into place, as if smoothing on a Band-Aid.

It gets even more interesting from there. It's almost like a science. Read all about the process here.

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