Monday, April 04, 2011

Auto Collection: JD Drew Sweet Spots

J.D. Drew is a very good hitter. But, if you ask me, he isn't worth the aggravation and salary it takes to get him. As all Dodger fans remember, he came over as a power slugging outfielder that would help us fill a spot vacated by Shawn Green. And sure, he did just that. He went on to hit .284 with 35 home runs and a .905 OPS in his two years wearing Blue (including 1/2 a year struggling through injuries). Then, he left using an escape clause in his contract and signed as free agent to play for Boston. Ingrate!

Anyway, I should just destroy any Drew card I have in my collection. He obviously has no appreciation for the "Blue" and I should therefore remove him from my mental database. Unfortunately, reality trumps my fanatic desires. He once wore Blue; therefore, I am obligated to include him in my collection.

Above is my 2006 Sweep Spot Signatures card of him from 2006. I also had the fortune of picking up a very scarce "1 of 1" Sweet Spot Signature card featuring black stitching. See it below.

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