Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blog Kiosk: 4/27/2011

The McCourt saga is causing me brain damage.
  • Eephus League was at a Dodger game recently and has a interesting round-up.
    In the bottom of the seventh and with Ivan DeJesus at the plate, a small child half a row away from me threw up. As his mother picked him up, trying to get him up the stairs, he projectile vomited across at least eight to ten seats.
  • David Pinto at Baseball Analytics looks into Andre Ethier's hot start and finds that Andre is making better contact compared to years past. Check out his analysis to see some great graphs.
    He's not swinging more at outside pitches, except those in the upper outside corner. He's squaring up those pitches better, however. In the past, 19% of balls he put in play on outside pitches resulted in line drives. This season, 35% of those pitches turn into line drives.
  • Check out this great Eddie Gaedel autograph photo highlighted by REA.
  • Beckett interviews sports artist Dick Perez.
  • Jabba!!!! Via Punk Rock Paint. Check out even more Star Wars vintage card creations from him here.
  • Via Shorpy, a 1923 photo of the Washington DC Fire Department Baseball team.

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