Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gypsy Queen is Live: Check out a Koufax

Topps newest vintage themed Baseball card set is now officially live, and as you can imagine the interwebs are already filling up with photos. The set is called Gypsy Queen (which is fairly un-PC since Roma is the more preferred terminology today) and is fashioned after a 19th century set considered some of the rarest cards known in the hobby. Below is an example of one of these scarce cards.

I've yet to put together some Dodger base cards from the set (don't worry I'll get to that in a couple of days,) I did want to show one of the key finds any collector would love to grab. Above is the Sandy Koufax autograph card from the set. I had joined "A Cardboard Problem's" group case break and picked up the Dodgers, so I'm excited about what I will get in the case. I'm crossing my fingers hoping the fine ladies there pull the card above.

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