Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Old Judge: Some Dodgers to Gawk At

One of my favorite small scale auction houses, Old Judge, just closed up their most recent offering. Included were several Dodger related memorabilia items worth a taking note of.

Below is just a sample of some original artwork pieces created by Mark Rucker at the request of Lew Lipset (operator of the Old Judge Auctions) in 1983. It consisted of 11 different paintings of some of the greatest ballplayers to ever play the game. Below are the drawings for Sandy Koufax, Jackie Robinson, Charles "Old Hoss" Radbourn (he's paired with Koufax below- notice his extended middle finger) and Mike "King" Kelly. Considering that these are one-of-the-kind I think that the final closing price of $550.00 for 11 pieces was pretty reasonable.

This photo use to hang at the Rotunda at Ebbets Field. I'll let the auction description tell you more about it.
In 1960 the owners of Ebbets Field decided to sell the memorabilia that remained in the ballpark. Several items were purchased by an ex-marine (well known in the hobby) and a lifetime Dodger fan who used a four day pass to come home to purchase several items that included four wall photos, two Ebbets Field seats and some other items. Total cost $100! It was autographed in person to our consignor "To a great Brooklyn Dodger Fan, Best Wishes Johnny Podres" years later.
It sold for $2,500.00.

Here is a seldom seen Jackie Robinson Boosters pin that sold for $242.00.

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