Monday, April 18, 2011

Vintage Night Gets a Vintage Press Release

As many of you are aware, this coming Thursday game against the Braves will be the first of six vintage throwback jersey nights for the Dodgers. They will be wearing 1940 era powder blue satin looking jerseys. Well, it has been announced that our opponents for these games will also be wearing vintage throwback jerseys for the game.

Better yet, the Dodgers PR group released this information on vintage looking letterhead. Check it out above and click on the pic to enlarge it.

Considering the lengths the Dodgers have already gone I wonder if we should be expecting some other treats during the game. Maybe an organ only game? How about ushers wearing straw hats. Maybe a Sym-Phony Band will make an appearance playing tunes like "Three Blind Mice" when the umpires come out. Or a Emmet Kelley "Bum" look-alike meandering around the stadium. The possibilities are endless.

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