Friday, May 13, 2011

Auto Collection: Johnny Podres Leather & Lumber

Johnny Podres was the savior of the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers. After many years of trying and failing to defeat the behemoths that were the Yankees, all that was needed was the exploits of this 22 year old kid. He won 2 important games, including game 7, and forever stamped his legacy into Baseball lore.

Here is a great ensemble of autographed inserts cards featuring Podres from 2005. It is Donruss's Leather & Lumber cut autographs.


  1. I've always loved these cards... I have about 5 different ones in my collection. I think it's cool that they had players sign on leather/lumber... but the main thing that attracted me to this set was the affordability. I think I picked up my Dwight Gooden & Keith Hernandez autographs for around $10 a piece.


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