Monday, June 20, 2011

2011 Topps Series 2 Dodgers

I recently received my winnings from the case break I participated in through the "A Cardboard Problem" case break. Check out the Dodger base cards and various short prints below.

Here are the Dodger base cards in the Series 2 set.
Of the 9 cards above I really liked the card back from the Matt Kemp card. See it below. How can you go wrong with Duke Snider calling you a potential Hall of Famer, and considering the kind of season Kemp is having so far I think he is well on his way.
Here is the coolest Dodger base card. It is the Dodger team card featuring both Kemp and Andre Ethier with their Silver Slugger Awards.
This is the reverse of the Dodger team card.
In the Series 2 set there are 25 short prints of future and current Hall of Famers. I was fortunate to get the Sandy Koufax short print in the case break, but missed out on the other two Dodgers available- Pee Wee Reese and Duke Snider. I also received the Koufax Platinum Diamond Anniversary. See them both below.
Here is the back side of the Koufax card.
Other than the Platinum Diamond Anniversary parallel there are also a bunch of other parallels available; such as black border, platinum border, printing plates, canary diamond and gold border cards. Below is the gold border Hiroki Kuroda card I received.

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