Friday, June 03, 2011

Blog Kiosk: 6/3/2011

  • Matt Kemp has a new Facebook page. Go here to check it out and like.
  • Only more evidence that a jinx hangs over the Dodgers, via Farther Off the Wall.
  • A draft update from True Blue LA detailing draft eligible players with some connection to the Dodgers past or present.
  • News about events for the upcoming National Sports Card Collecting Convention in Illinois is starting to trickle in. Just announced is a VIP exclusive auction being put together by Topps that includes 10 different rare items from their vault. Of the 8 items put up so far, there will be 10 total items, only 1 has a Dodger in it. See it below. It is a 1980 Topps/ Pepsi unissued uncut sheet of 22 cards, and Davey Lopes is represented. This set was never actual released and is, thus far, uncatalogued.
  • In other National related news, Southern California is not on the calendar for hosting the event- at least, not any time soon. Per an email sent today:

    The current schedule for the National is: 2011-Chicago; 2012-Baltimore; 2013-Chicago; 2014-Cleveland; 2015-Chicago; 2016-TBD; 2017-TBD; 2018-Cleveland.

    Organizers have been asked about a return of the National to the West Coast. For the last several years we have repeatedly spoken to authorities in Anaheim, site of the most successful National ever in 1991 and also the site of the National in 1996, 2000 and 2006. Similar to the situation in Baltimore, the Convention Center has a rigid policy which will not allow them to guarantee dates to us. Despite our past history, numerous meetings, phone calls and letters, Anaheim officials have been unable to provide the National with dates far enough in advance to allow adequate preparation and planning for the event. We will continue to look for a suitable West Coast site.

  • Were you ever a fan of EA's NHL '93? Did you always marvel at how great Cliff Ronning was when compared to superstar players? Well, Puck Daddy has the reason why straight from the horses mouth.
  • Via Deadspin, read about a great sports event roadtrip. Complete with alcohol, partying with the team owner, an ambulance and a trek across the border to evade police.
  • This is for the hockey fans out there. Below is the, always great, Hockey Night in Canada pregame intro from Game 1. Thursday game was incredible and tomorrow's game 2 will be just as good. Man, I love playoff hockey. Oh... Bruins, go and kick some Vancouver ass!

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