Friday, June 24, 2011

Lelands: The Sal LaRocca Collection, Part 2

Continuing on my post from yesterday, here is part 2 of Lelands auction featuring items from the Sal LaRocca Collection. This auction ends tonight.

I just love this jacket. It is from the 1950's and is from Dodgertown in Vero Beach, Florida. This jacket was designed for Dodgertown employees.

Here is a group of 1948 Montreal Royals pins. As you know, the Royals were a minor league affiliate for the Dodgers, and a final stop for players before heading to Brooklyn. These pins are very rarely seen. This lot includes Don Newcombe and former Rifleman actor Chuck Connors.

I never decline to have a chance to feature original drawings from Willard Mullin. Here are a couple of his drawings featuring the lovable Brooklyn Bum.

The first piece, featuring the Bum and Dodgers manager Walter Alston comes with the original page from the March 17, 1954 issue of The Sporting News in which it appeared. "Startin' ya own auter-biography, huh!" says the Bum. "O.K... Leave me read it ovah ya shouldah... But don't put in no big woids... and don't go writin' no LETTERS to nobody neither!"
The second piece shows the Brooklyn Bum with his arm around blanket-wrapped Indian captioned "Braves 0 and 11 with the Dodgers." The Bum is saying "Pals, huh, Patchy ol' buddy. I'd like t'take yez home an' keep yez all season... jus' f'r me-self!"

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