Monday, July 11, 2011

Collection: 1982 Albuquerque Dukes

Take a look back at the 1982 Albuquerque Dukes minor league set with me as I briefly reminisce about those great Dodger teams from the 80's. Many of these players, here, would occupy key positions for the club as they won pennants and a World Championship.

Above is a nerdy looking Orel Hershiser, Tom "I give up big home runs" Niedenfuer, Brian Holton, Joe Beckwith, and a pitcher who would star for other teams John Franco. Imagine what we could have done with Franco in our bullpen? Below is a sample of the reverse of the cards.
Below is Greg "Pornstache" Brock, Dave "You Always Surprised Me" Anderson and Dave "Brother of Steve" Sax.
Candy Maldonado's and Mike Marshall's cards are below.

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