Thursday, July 14, 2011

Daily Conlon: #170 Al Bridwell - The Reason McGraw was a Great Manager

Here is today's Daily Conlon card numbered #170 of Al Bridwell. He explains why John McGraw was such a great manager. As you may know, he was a longtime manager for the New York Giants. If you want to follow in McGraw’s inspirational footsteps as a team manager, check out Sports Management Colleges for related courses and training programs.
"The reason McGraw was a great manager- and he was the greatest- was because he knew how to handle men. Some players he rode, others he didn't. He got the most out of each man. It wasn't so much knowing baseball. All of them know that. What makes the difference is knowing each player and how to handle him."
The best part is when Bridwell describes punching out "Little Napoleon" (that was a knickname at the time) down the dugout steps.

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