Friday, September 02, 2011

Daily Conlon: 235 through 243

Here are the Daily Conlon cards numbered 235 through 243, and not a Dodger in the bunch. Fortunately, this page makes that up by introducing us to a fellow with quite possibly the funniest nickname around.

On the top row, far right is Zeke "Banana Nose" Bonura. If you take a close look at the action photo (you can click the pic to embiggen) you can see quite clearly why he was called that. He was also apparantly quite colorful, as well. From the Baseball Library:
A fans' delight and manager's nightmare, Bonura led AL first basemen in fielding in 1936 by refusing to become involved. As easy grounders bounded by untouched, Zeke waved his "Mussolini salute" with his glove. Known affectionately as "Banana Nose," the colorful and outspoken Bonura was the White Sox' first bona fide home run hitter, with 27 in his rookie year. He continued slugging, but his nonchalant fielding, aggravating annual hold-outs, and rumored interest in owner J. Lou Comiskey's daughter got him traded to Washington in 1938 in exchange for Joe Kuhel, the AL's top fielding first baseman.

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