Friday, October 21, 2011

2011 Topps Finest Dodgers

Here is another recently released Baseball set that came on line while I was on a temporary break. Below are the Dodger base cards for the 2011 Topps Finest set. Check them out.

I have to agree with Night Owl Cards, this set is horrible for the Dodger collector. There really isn't much here for us. When it comes to inserts only Gordon and Sands are possibilities, and considering the price for a box it's probably not worth your time if that's all you are chasing. I think eBay is your best bet for this product.

21 Andre Ethier
32 Matt Kemp

70 Jerry Sands
82 Dee Gordon
Being primarily a prospect driven set, check out some of the Gordon and Sands autographs I came across. There are also autographed cards of Ivan DeJesus Jr.

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