Friday, October 21, 2011

MHCC: Dodger War Bonds Honor Card

During WWII the Dodgers were more than happy to help out with the war effort. So, with a fans contribution the Dodgers would give out the below War Bonds Honor Card. They were given out during the Dodgers Spring Offensive War Bond Campaign in 1943 which helped secure $180,000,000 for America. This amount eclipsed the spring quota by double.

On a side note, the Department of the Treasury was so impressed with the Dodgers efforts that they conducted a special ceremony at Ebbets Field one Sunday afternoon in April. Branch Rickey, a strict churchgoing man, would always refuse to see a game on the Sabbath, but for this occasion he made an exception.

This is a very nice memorabilia piece that is rarely ever seen. It just sold during the recently closed Mile High Card Company Auction at $121.38.

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