Saturday, November 05, 2011

Collection: Luke Hochevar Team USA Auto

I know. I know. Luke Hochevar is not a Dodger, but he was drafted by them back in 2002 and 2005. That last time he was chosen in the first round- 40th overall. As you recall, he did not sign, and instead held out for a season to play independent league Baseball. He was drafted again in 2006 by the Royals as the first overall pick and signed a hefty $5.3Mil Major League contract. Something I didn't know was this, from wikipedia:
After heated, desperate negotiations between the Dodgers, Hochevar, and his agent Scott Boras, Hochevar suddenly switched agents to Matt Sosnick, accepted a $2.98 million signing bonus from scouting director Logan White, then returned to Boras the next day and reneged on the deal.
Anyway, this is a 2005 Upper Deck Team USA National Team autographed card of Hochevar.

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