Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This Time Collectors Can Look Forward to Black Friday

I don't ever recall Black Friday being promoted heavily to sports collectors. Sure, an isolated store or hobby shop, here or there, would run a Thanksgiving holiday sale, but I'm sure the card makers never got into the fun. Why? I don't know. You figure it would be a great way to promote your products. Well, that is all about to change.Panini has taken the pack redemption program, seen at card shows and conventions all over North America, to the hobby shop. They have created an exclusive set with inserted relics and autographs inside from all 4 major sports. I'll let them describe how it would work.
Essentially, the program will operate just like our show-exclusive wrapper-redemptions do, but in your local shop. We’ll send special Black Friday-only redemption packs to all participating hobby shops. Those collectors who go into their shops on Black Friday and purchase designated products will receive an equivalent number of Black Friday packs in return.
I haven't seen a list of participating stores, so I suggest calling around. For us Dodger fans there is the above Matt Kemp base card, and I would be willing to bet there are autographs cards of his that you can find, as well. The below Kobe cards is also randomly inserted in. For more details check out Panini's story here, here, and here.

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