Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blog Kiosk: 11/16/2011

Check out this great 2011 Topps Marquee Sandy Koufax booklet card available for sale on eBay. Awesome! (eBay Link)
  • Forbes writes about Fred Claire's pursuit of the Dodgers.
    In speaking with Claire, he said he had no plans about being a part of a group seeking to purchase the Dodgers until this summer when he received a phone call from Ben Hwang, a one-time batboy with the Dodgers who is a former executive at an international biotechnology company. He and Claire have begun piecing a group together with several others, including sports executives Andy Dolich, Joe Heitzler and Paul Kalil, as well as Charles Lee of the Nixon Peabody law firm. The investment group is going under the name “BCH 99”.
  • Prince Fielder will not be a Dodger, via Tony Jackson at ESPN.
    "As of today, unless something changes, I think it looks less realistic,'' Colletti said. "I think we have to figure out other ways to produce runs.''
  • Could Francisco Cordero really be in our sights, via Jon Paul Morosi at MLB Buzz.
    The Red Sox, Dodgers, and Angels have internal candidates to close, but the sheer number of available closers could mean that they sign a closer, anyway.
  • Time Warner aims to boots FoxSports out of LA market. They just acquired the LA Galaxy TV rights for 10 years, via LA Times. With the Lakers already in their stable I suspect they will be making a competitive bid once the Dodgers contract comes up for sale.
  • It's been over 2 weeks since the announcement. Where is the settlement agreement between MLB and McCourt? Steve Dilbeck at the LA Times has the news.
  • Sasha Bronner at Huffington Post interviews the new Dodgers Head Athletic Trainer Sue Falsone.
    Who is the smelliest Dodger? They are very respectful and usually shower before they come in for treatment.
  • A Giants payroll manager stole $2.2Mil from the team, via CBS SF. (Hat Tip: Sully Baseball)
  • True Blue LA wonders who is the current #1 Dodgers prospect.
  • Zach Hample, the Ballhawk, mixed it up a bit at #OccupyWallStreet. He has a bunch of pics, video and his thoughts.
  • Houston Astros to be sold, via SI.
  • Damn you Brad Richards, he's dating Olivia Munn, via Puck Daddy.
  • Awesome! The GAG Quartet with the internet meme-filled song called 'le Internet Medley'

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  1. No Olivia Munn is off the market! That is a sick Koufax

  2. Yhea... my geek head exploded after reading that....

    like i had a chance anyway

  3. Haha we all have a chance until they say no


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