Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We Coulda Had CC

Back in 2008, when the Dodgers were in the thick of a playoff race, Ned Colletti picked up a veteran third baseman to get us across the finish line. It was a costly trade that sent one of leagues top catching prospects, Carlos Santana, to Cleveland for Casey Blake. Many folks hemmed and hawed. After all, we love our prospects. On the other hand, we did win the pennant, and got past the first round of the playoffs. Unfortunately, the dreaded Phillies stopped us in our tracks during the National League Championship series. If only we had a front line starter to get us over that hump.

Well, based on a report from Phil Rogers at the Chicago Tribune, Colletti was about to do just that.
According to sources, Colletti had worked out a 5-for-1 trade with the Indians that would have landed left-hander CC Sabathia in early July. But McCourt would not agree to pick up the $5.5 million remaining on Sabathia's contract, so Colletti settled for Indians infielder Casey Blake later in the month.
Man-O-Live. What could have been. Clearly, McCourt's financial troubles effecting the team go back at least 3 seasons. Sabathia concluded the 2008 season by going 8-2 with a 1.65 ERA for the Brewers. He was less effective in the playoffs, but how I would have loved to see that match-up.

Of course, not knowing who the 5 Dodgers in the potential trade makes it easy to judge this non-trade. If Kemp or Kershaw were involved then McCourt may have done right by us.


  1. Or we could have just KEPT Santana. Not like we have a gaping hole at catcher or anything, but loads of pitching and depth in the minors.

    Oh, and Blake was terrible down the stretch and in the playoffs.

  2. No doubt, if the option is trade Santana for Blake, then we obviously keep the catcher. But, what if trading Santana and 4 other prospects not named Kemp or Kershaw got us Sabathia in 2008. Also, with Lowe and Penny not on the roster in 2009 we might have had enough to sign Sabathia.

  3. Also, in 2008 we didn't have a gaping hole at catcher. Russell Martin was still slated to be our long term option. Of course, that didn't work out.

  4. Martin or Santana could have been moved to a new position, considering neither began as a catcher.

    And this team has long needed offense, not pitching. Plus, we weren't getting C.C. without giving up Kemp or Kershaw.


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