Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Blog Kiosk: 12/13/2011

From the Dodgers Dream Foundation 7th Annual Holiday Ham give-away last night. (pic via Tommy Lasorda's World)
  • I just made a great discovery. MLB Trade Rumors has a Baseball Agency Database that you can check out.
  • You gotta check out the Eephus League Magazine #1. It looks like a very well made vintage Baseball magazine. A preview is here.
  • No surprise here, "Dodgers' Matt Kemp would win MVP Award Over Ryan Braun in New Vote," via Dylan Hernandez of LA Times.
    Several writers who voted for Braun said they would cast their ballots for Kemp in a revote, but a majority of reporters contacted by The Times —15 of the 20 — were against voting again, and two were unsure.
  • Sully explains why Angels fans suck.
    And that my friends is the Cardinals fans worst fear.
    Not only did they lose Albert Pujols, but they lost him to an indifferent fan base.

    Sorry Angel fans. That's your reputation. The Angels have a fan base that does indeed show up to the games but needs a monkey to tell them when to cheer.
  • At arbitration deadline, Dodgers tender contracts to Loney, Kershaw and Ethier. Kuo was non-tendered. Via @Dodgers tweet. I suspect that Kuo will still stay with the Dodgers at a reduced contract.
  • River Avenue Blues has a nice analysis on recently posted Japanese hurler Yu Darvish.
    This season he was a lot better. The most obvious difference was his fastball velocity, which was more consistently around 94 and touched 97 on his best days. His cutter seemed to take a step forward this year, giving him three pitches above 90 mph with movement (2-seamer, 4-seamer, cutter).
  • John Rocker was on steroids... You don't say. Via Hardball Talk.
  • Kings GM places blame for poor season and the recent firing of the coach on the players shoulders, via Frozen Royalty.
    “It’s simple,” said Lombardi. “It sounds cliche, but it’s true. Ultimately, the message is that they’re accountable. Unfortunately, the coach has to pay the price. But make no mistake. They’re the ones who are accountable for this.”
  • The Kings are zeroing in on Darryl Sutter as their new head coach. Via LA Kings Insider,
    "The Kings have sought permission from the Calgary Flames to speak with Darryl Sutter as Terry Murray’s replacement, a source said this morning"
  • A blast from the past. Here is a vintage commercial from 1990 featuring Tommy Lasorda, Mickey Mantle, Sparky Anderson, and several other athletes for Kuppenheimer Men's Clothier. Kuppenheimer was eventually bought out by the Men's Wearhouse.

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