Tuesday, December 06, 2011


With confirmation coming from all circles, it now appears that our five man rotation is set with the signing of Aaron Harang to a reported two year $12Mil contract, via @Jon_Heyman.
I'm trying to stay calm, but Mike at Mike Scioscia's Traggic Illness already analyzes what is plain to see. Harang's comeback was a bunch of bunk. For confirmation read what Mike writes in the link above, then look at some statistics pulled out by Baseball Musings that shows how we were bamboozled. Last season, in the year called Harang's great comeback, he pitched much more often at pitcher friendly Petco Park than on the road. A further review confirms that his downward slide has not abated. Below is from Baseball Musings:
Those road and home splits do not give me much confidence. Although, he did blank us in his one start in LA, so there's that to be happy about. Of course, he won't be facing our lineup this coming season.

Oh well, all I can do is sit here and exclaim, 'Welcome to the Blue, Aaron!' Below are his complete stats from Baseball Reference.


Since we are at it, I now expect the Dodgers to go after the slimmer Dmitri Young- who now appears ready to play.

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