Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Blog Kiosk: 12/6/2011

Here's an item you don't see very often. This is a 1961 Wilson Meats premium photo of Frank Howard. Found on eBay. Below are todays links:
  • Jamie Hoffman has been claimed off of waivers by the Rockies, via Tony Jackson at ESPN.
  • Here is Baseball America's Ranking of top 10 Dodgers prospects.
  • John Sickels at Minor League Ball provides his top 20 Dodgers prospects.
  • Hall of Famer Pat Gillick has been approached by several bidders and declares his interest in joining the Dodgers once a group has been picked, via Steve Dilbeck at LA Times.

    Gillick said he has been approached by prospective bidders for the Dodgers but said he would not align with any potential ownership group. Once a new owner is selected -- and if that new owner is interested -- Gillick said he would consider a position as president of baseball operations.

    "It would be something that I would take a look at," Gillick said Monday at baseball's winter meetings in Dallas.

  • The camera used for principle photography on Star Wars in 1977 recently sold at auction at $625,000.00, via Deadline.com.
  • Wow. Here's an old story I had never heard before. Topps was sued by a couple of collectors for false claims about card scarcity. Topps lost. Story via ESPN.
    According to an eight-page newsletter released by Topps and distributed to hobby dealers, there were supposed to be no more than 150 gold refractor cards of each player in its 1995-96 Hockey's Finest and 1996 Baseball's Finest sets. The fact that the two had collected more than were supposedly made threatened to devalue their investment since prices were based on the company's claim of scarcity.
  • Do what Collector's Crack did and buy a piece of the Packers. Shares are for sale for the first time since 1997.
  • Gary Livingston lets us know that he did a photo shot with Kings forward Dustin Brown and his family for an upcoming release of The Fourth Period.

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