Thursday, December 01, 2011

SCP Auctions: Some Willard Mullin Brooklyn Bum Drawings, Part 2

Here is the second part of my post featuring some Willard Mulling cartoon drawings in SCP's current auction. Check out Part 1, here. Click any pic to embiggen.

This drawing is titled 'In the Hearts of Their Countrymen,' and it shows the Brooklyn 'Bum' coming across a parade that he is certain is for him.
Oh Boy! A parade! I'm nuts about parades!
He continues walk along marveling at the love.
Cheese! It's f'r ME! M' publick! They loves me! An' I likes them too!
But then he realizes that nobody notices him.
Hey! Look! Here I am! Hey! They went rught by me!
Only to quickly realize that he ain't the subject of their joy.
Well I'll be combed curried and turned out to pasture.
They're rooting for the Yanks.

This is a much cheerier drawing from Mullin. It is undated, and features the Brooklyn 'Bum' walloping his opponents. He remarks:
U-M-M-M-M Roas' Chicken... Done to a toin! 'At's too good f'r yez bums!

This is a great little drawing casting two storms blowing on the Giants, Dodgers and Yankees. The storm on the left resembles Walter Alston blowing the Giants and Dodgers westward, and the clouds on the right is the Roman God Jupiter Pluvious (the sky god and reliever of droughts) punishing the then hapless Yankees. This drawing is undated, but I suspect it is from 1959. The Yanks did not win the pennant that season.

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