Monday, November 28, 2011

SCP Auctions: Some Willard Mullin Brooklyn Bum Drawings, Part 1

I just can't resist the drawings of Willard Mullin. Every time one pops up I have to share it. He's a great bridge to the Dodgers of the past, and his humor and insight into that Brooklyn team makes me wish I had an opportunity to experience it.

Available in SCP's current auction are several original drawings. Below, I point out three below. I'll follow this up with additional drawings in a couple of followup post.

The below piece is titled "The Blue Streak," and it pokes fun at a losing streak only a Dodger fan could love. It looks back at a series of games from late September 1937. Here is a little snippet (click on the pic to enlarge):
  1. Back in the late 20's, under uncle Robby,the Dodgers put together quite a string of 12 defeats...
  2. ...And when they finally won one to end it the players carried Rube Ehrhardt, the pitcher, off the field on their shoulders
  3. ...As recently as 1937 they had a chance to celebrate the ending of their record 14straight whippings
  4. ...Only the PA. curfew law kept our bums from tying their all-time low last Sunday...
  5. ...Now they take the unfinished string of 13 8/9 to Boston for three games...
  6. ...And it'll be quite a feat to preserve and build that streak up to 16 straight against the inept Braves so we can have the big day in flatbush...
  7. ...The first home game is Tuesday against the Cardinals... ...What a spot for the great event!
Be sure to check out the characters speaking. It's a gas.

This is a Independence Day themed drawing showing the Brooklyn Bum trying to light a firework symbolizing the 'Vaunted Dodger Power' underneath a colonial founding father who remarks, "Hear, ye... Hear, ye... as they are today- so they shall be!" It appears to be titled "Delayed Celebration," and must be pointing to a very slow start to the season for the Dodgers. Unfortunately, it is not dated.

This drawing is from 1945, and it features both the Brooklyn Bum and New York Giant. It is title, 'Heading West on the Cushions." I don't know if I quite get this one. Maybe it has to do with both teams having an easy go at it so far in the young season. Any insight you could provide would be great.

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