Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blog Kiosk: 1/25/2012

  • Steve Dilbeck should write a horror screenplay. He imagines a scenario where Rams owner, Stan Kroenke, buys the Dodgers, builds a football stadium in Chavez Ravine, and moves the Rams back to LA with McCourt as a part owner. What's scary is that this is a real possibility.
  • Check out this great little parody song made by Joel-Steve Voicedude using a song from "Oliver!" and the Dodgers bidding process as lyrical inspiration. It is called, "Who Will Bid?"

Who Will Bid? [produced by Voicedude] by Joel-Steven Voicedude

  • Bob Daly, who was a managing partner when Fox owned the Dodgers, says

    "When we were going through the process of selling the team, McCourt seemed like an OK guy. I sat down with him and told him people here were under contract, but they've been like a family and so if he wanted to make changes, do so with respect.

    "As everyone knows he didn't, so I told him off. It took five or six more years for a lot of other people to catch up to where I was with him. He did some good things, but inherently he was not a nice guy. He put himself before the Dodgers, and this is a team owned by the fans and the city of Los Angeles."

    Via TJ Simers at LA Times.

  • True Blue LA shares their 2012 Minor League Prospects Countdown. They start it off with #91 to #100.
  • Save the ThunderBug! (Hat Tip: Puck Daddy)
  • Ranker has a list of All-Time Ugliest Athletes, and guess which Dodger is on it.
  • Check out this awesome Star Wars Millennium Falcon guitar, via Musicians Authority.

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