Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dodgers Squash Giants!

The rivalry never takes a break. Even as Baseball hibernates over the winter the battle between blue and orange, south and north, right and wrong never pauses.

To prove that point, the MLB Network recently premiered a new game show called Baseball IQ. It is
"a recall-based trivia show featuring two participants, 30 minutes and a chance to win up to $45,000 for charity. Questions will cover all things baseball, from current players and managers to World Series champions, MVPs, Cy Young Award winners, Hall of Famers, milestones and more. Participants include front office personnel, equipment managers, scoreboard operators and museum curators. When possible, participants have been matched up opposite club rivals: think Cardinals-Cubs, Red Sox-Yankees, Dodgers-Giants and more."
In the first round of this bracket-styled tournament they pitted the Dodgers against the Giants, and aired it last night. Dodgers Director of Ticket Operations, Seth Bluman, faced off against Giants Manager of Client Relations, Greg Marinec. And I am happy to report that Seth kicked some major Giants Butt. Look at that score. The Giants never had a chance. Even better is the look of dejection and disappointment from the rival. I've got the biggest smile on my face just thinking about it.Anyway, I'm sure it'll be on replays on the MLB Network so go to your local listings to see it, or you can just watch the final inning of play below. BTW, go here for more info on the show.

Video Link:


  1. I watched. Nice game Dodgers. My Royals also blew out the Blue Jays. This is it! The Royals are going to win something! Finally the waiting is over! right.

    1. WooHoo! Go KC... I'd love to see the battle of the blue tones... Dodgers vs Royals...


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