Monday, January 09, 2012

Larkin Joins Santo in the Hall

A hearty Blue Heaven congratulations to Barry Larkin on his election into the Baseball Hall of Fame. BBWAA press release is here. He joins Ron Santo in this years class of inductees.

The nice thing about Larkin's entry into the Hall is how easy it should be for card collectors to add him to their collection. His rookies cards, from 1987, are embarrassingly inexpensive; especially considering that he is now a Hall of Famer. On top of that, considering the level of overproduction from that era it is doubtful they will ever see an appreciable increase in value. I am pretty sure any collector from that time period has a nice healthy stack sitting somewhere. Check out samples of them below.
UPDATE: I'll make the prediction now. Jack Morris finally makes it in for 2013. At 66.7% voting for him in 2012 during his 13th year on the ballot he is likely to get another 20 votes to pass the 70% threshold by next year.

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