Wednesday, February 01, 2012

2012 Jackie Robinson Solid Gold Card has been Pulled

Well, that was quick. As most of you know, the 2012 Topps Baseball set, that was released today, features "1 of 1" 14k solid gold cards of a handful of star players. Obviously, they are not actually included in a pack, but are redeemable with a special code card. Dodgers known to be represented include Sandy Koufax and Jackie Robinson.

This morning I learned that case breaker and eBay seller BrentandBecca pulled the Jackie Robinson. They shared a photo of the redemption card. See it below.

Check pics of other high-end cards they pulled in their 60 case break of Jumbo boxes. Holy Moly! 60 CASES!!!!
(Pic Link: Twitter BrentandBecca)

BTW, do you want to see what 60 cases of inserts look like? Just inserts. Check out this pic they shared.
(Pic Link: twitter BrentandBecca


  1. I'm planning on picking up a few packs of Series 1 at a Topps rip party at a local card shop in Arcadia on Saturday. I hope BrentandBecca left some inserts for the rest of us, lol.


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