Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Card Creations: Tommy, A couple of Hall of Fame Announcers and the Cy Young

Man-O-Live! I'm lovin' photoshop.

Check out some recent card creations I put together recently. BTW, Left Field Pavilion sent along some really nice templates over the weekend to assist me on my new addiction. So, I'll be very busy with those for quite a while. Thank You!

Here is a young Tommy Lasorda sporting a Montreal Royals uniform on a 1961 Topps card design. I realize that the card design doesn't correspond with the date of the photo, but who cares? I think the 1961 Topps card perfectly frames this vintage photo.

I have to say that is my favorite. Using the 1972 Topps Dodgers team card I took out the out-of-focus team photo for a couple of Los Angeles based Hall of Fame announcers. Here is Vin Scully with LA Kings play-by-play announcer Bob Miller. The photo is by Jon SooHoo/ LA Dodgers and was taken over the winter at the Southern California Sports Broadcasters Awards ceremony.

I figured that since the 1972 Topps set highlights some major Baseball awards it would only be proper to make a Clayton Kershaw Cy Young award card. I took out the drab award photo that was originally there and exchanged it with a pic of the Kershaw's Cy Young replica award that will be given out to fans as a stadium give-away on April 11th.

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