Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Collection: Adrian Beltre Autographed Ionix

Adrian Beltre is still the best fielding third baseman I've ever seen wear Blue. He was slick like Grace with a quickness only rivaled by the hands of Copperfield. Seeing him hustle down the line to grab a little dribbler was magical. Beltre would glide as if on Genie's magic carpet then reach down, palm the ball and throw in one motion. It was effortless, and remarkable at the same time. How could he do that and make it look so easy? Man-O-Live, what I wouldn't give to have a defensive specialist like that manning the Dodgers hot corner once again.

Featured here is my 2000 Upper Deck Ionix autographed card of Beltre.


  1. I've always thought Upper Deck made some great looking cards. it's too bad they can't get their act together and get a MLB license.


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