Saturday, March 17, 2012

eBay: A Vintage Dodgers Patch

This post is probably more for my own reference than anything. Over the years I've run into numerous Dodgers collectibles that I had no idea about. For instance, check out the little patch below.

It is a vintage Dodgers patch shaped as a headstone measuring about 3" in length. For the longest time I figured it was a relatively modern piece (an early LA Dodgers memorabilia item), but I came across some information on eBay that shows otherwise. It provides some detail about its origins.

According to the auction it is from 1955 - far more vintage than I originally thought - and was given away in boxes of Post Cereal. Furthermore, a complete set of team patched could be purchased by sending in a couple of box tops. Along with a pic of the patch is an original sleeve used to house the patch in cereal boxes.

This particular item sold for an affordable $9.99. Now that I know a little more about it I'll have to put it on my wantlist.

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