Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Some eBay Winnings: Dodgers Autographed Cards

If you haven't noticed, I've been a little slow with posting lately. I think it has a bit to do with the NHL playoffs starting and the Kings taking a commanding lead in their own series against the Canucks. On the other hand, as any blogger knows, sometimes the desire to post something up is outweighed by a need to take a little break from sitting in front of a computer all day. Anyway, that little funk is near its end and I am starting to feel revitalized. I guess I needed just a little blogging vacation.

Below are a handful of recent eBay wins I had accumulated over the past several weeks. Check them out below.

I really wanted this card. I had searched high and low for an affordable copy and finally found one through eBay's "Buy It Now" service. It is a 2008 Bowman Scouts autographed subset card of the legendary Ralph Avila. Up until a year or so ago, I didn't even know this card existed, but since finding out it has been on the top of my wish list.
Ralph Avila is one of the Dodgers greatest scouts and a trailblazer in his profession. He started out as a Cuban revolutionary who quickly soured on Castro. Soon, Avila headed to Florida where he started a Baseball clinic for Cuban refugee kids to keep them out of trouble. Then, Al Campanis, the Dodgers personnel chief at the time, hired him as a "bird-dog" scout. Soon, he became Campanis' right hand man when it came to Baseball in Latin America. With some prodding from Campanis, he headed up the Dodgers search for talent in the Dominican Republic- before any other team went there. As the reverse of the card shown below indicates, Avila was responsible for the Dodgers originally signing Pedro Martinez. For more background on Ralph Avila go ahead and check these great articles about him: ESPN, MLB.

Here is another eBay win. This is a Donruss "Fans of the Game" autographed card. It is from 2004 and features actor Jonathan Silverman. I can't think of a show he's done in the past decade that I've seen, but I will say that his role in "Weekend at Bernie's" was awesome. It still ranks as one of my favorite comedies.
Here is the back of the card.

Here are a group of 3 2011 Bowman Sterling autographed cards of some Dodgers rookies. I had bought them as a lot at what I though was an affordable $12 bucks. Check out Nathan Eovaldi, Dee Gordon and Jerry Sands.

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