Thursday, May 03, 2012

Meet the New Dodger Owners

Above is the entourage of new Dodger principals, pic via Jon SooHoo's Blog.

Before you do anything be sure to check on Jon SooHoo's blog post featuring a ton of photos taken during yesterdays press conference.  And when I say a ton I mean a ton!

Secondly, in a move that is somewhat reminiscent of Arte Moreno when he purchased the Angels, Magic Johnson announces that they will be lowering the price of parking by 33%.  The $15 fee will now drop to $10 per car.  As you will recall, one of the first things Moreno did as the Angels owner was to lower the price of beer.  Seeing that this exact move is probably not wise considering last seasons drunken violence issues, the new owners decide to take a little swipe at McCourt by subtlety conveying that they are not like him.  These guys are not parking lot attendants. 

Another special announcement is the creation of a direct Dodger suggestion mailbox.  Do you have any ideas, suggestions and comments for the new owners?  Well, they want to know what you have to say, and have put together an email just for fans to voice their thoughts.  Write to them at
For more information about yesterdays press conference, or information about the new "Masters of the Dodgers Universe" check out the following links:
  • Jon Weisman at Dodger Thoughts has a nice recap of the entire conference.
  • Kevin Baxter at the LA Times writes about the new Dodgers President, Stan Kasten.  He is now the brains of the Dodgers.
  • Meet Peter Gruber, Chairman of Mandalay Entertainment Group, via Roger Vincent of the LA Times.  I would consider him the entertainer of the group.  He knows how to get people in the seats, and can build the grounds into something fans want to visit all year round.
  • Fox Sports Radio AM570 interviews: Mark Walter, Stan Kasten and Magic Johnson.
  • Gary Klein at the LA Times writes about Magic.  His stake in the team is at about $50Mil or 3% to 4%.  I think it's fair to say he is the face of the team, or in "Ocean Eleven" terms he's the Ella Fitzgerald.
  • Tom Hoffarth at the Daily News is already calling Kasten "Stan the Man."  No doubt with some apologies to Musial.  He was sure to note that Larry King was at the press conference and even had some questions for the new owners.  He asked:
"You have always built from the ground up ... but with all the money invested (in the purchase of the Dodgers), would you expect, say in midseason, if a team is out of a pennant race, and we're in a pennant race, that you would go after a potential free agent in David Wright and others? Would the Dodgers spend in midyear on established talent?"  
  •  Peter Gruber just visited the Fox Business News folks.

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