Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A Local Reds Channel Gets Fooled by Fake Broxton Twitter Account

This is, bar none, the funniest story of the past 24 hours, and we have "arbysguy" on Reddit to thanks for capturing the moment before they had a chance to correct it.

A Cincinnati news channel, WCPO Channel 9, wrote a story online covering the then recent acquisition of Jonathan Broxton, and got fooled by a fake Broxton account on twitter. 

Check out the below screen grab of the early story.  Click on the pic to embiggen, or go here to see it online.
(pic link)

Notice at the bottom where they share a couple of quotes from an account on twitter that supposedly belongs to Broxton.  Can't see it so well?  Let me fix that for you.  Below are the two tweets they used in their story.
(twitter link @Brox4AllStarz)
(twitter link @Bronx4AllStarz)

Then to top it off, they end the story by saying this:
It's unclear where Broxton would fit into the Reds' bullpen. (emphasis mine)
I kid you not!  They follow up a quote talking about Broxton eating all of KC's BBQ by saying he might not fit into their bullpen.  Ha!!!

Go here to see the original reddit thread.  BTW, they did update the story by removing the offending fake tweets.  See it here.

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