Friday, August 10, 2012

eBay: A Couple of Barney Stein Photos

As many fans noticed the other day, Dodgers photographer Jon SooHoo shared a great photo he had taken of Vin Scully with Sandy Koufax in the press box.  In his post he referenced another great Dodger photographer from their days in Brooklyn, Barney Stein.  He said,
"Now I really feel like Barney Stein."
So, being an astute Dodger fan and memorabilia hound that I am, I had to search out a couple of Stein photographs to share here.  On a side note, I think Jon's statement above has to do with his staging of the photograph.  Barney Stein was known to have a gift for getting folks to pose as he wished, in funny and dramatic ways.

Featured in this post are two Barney Stein originals that I found on eBay.  Above and below (it's the reverse of the above photo) is a June 23, 1942 photograph of former Dodger Herman Franks.  He is sporting a rather dapper naval uniform, as he had recently joined the service during World War II in the middle of his Baseball career.  Stein writes on the reverse:
"Here's a shot I made of Herman Franks, ex Dodgers, now an ensign stationed at Pensacola.  Made it one of the twilight games last week."
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Below is a 1937 Barney Stein photograph of Heinie Manush.  Heinie would play just two seasons in Brooklyn during his Hall of Fame career.  A notable aspect of this photo is that it was likely taken just after Stein was hired as the Dodgers official photographer.

As the story goes, Barney who was already working for the Brooklyn Times Union had a chance meeting with Dearie McKeever Mulvey (daughter of one of the Dodgers' owners) and was asked to photograph her.  Following this encounter Stein would soon be hired on with the Dodgers in the Spring of 1937.  So, the below photo is one of his first as a Dodgers employee.

BTW, there is a Barney Stein website.  Go here to check it out.

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