Thursday, August 02, 2012

Twitter Pics from the National Sports Collectors Convention in Baltimore

Since I am stuck on the west coast during this years National Sports Collectors Convention, all I can do is live vicariously through the photos of others in order to get my fix.  Fortunately, twitter is a great tool for satisfying my voyeuristic desires.

First, check out Sports Collectors Daily for their report of opening day at "The National" which includes a great video of some vintage material, and Panini America on their very first day setting up at the show. Then go to Things are Funner Here card blog for her report on Day 1.  He has plenty of pics; including a Babe Ruth Dodgers jersey.  All About Cards has his own Day 1 report.  On facebook, Sports Card Radio has a bunch of photos to look through.  Now for some twitter pics, check out some Day 1 photos I ran into from the show in Baltimore below.  BTW, click on any pic to embiggen.

To start, here is what greets you when you enter the concourse.  Twitterer @yowhatupbroth shares this photo.
(twitter pic @yowhatupbroth)

@CardboardRadio has this nice wide view of the show floor.  You can see the Topps and Upper Deck booths.  I would recommend following them since I suspect they'll be sharing more photos this week.

(twitter pic @CardboardRadio)

Over at @PaniniAmerica a long line forms for their wrapper redemption program.
(twitter pic @PaniniAmerica)

Card blogger All About Cards shares this view of an aisle at the show.  Man-O-Live, do I wish I was there.  Pic link at @AllAboutCards.
(twitter pic @AllAboutCards)

For more pics than you can imagine be sure to follow @SportsCardNews.  Here is a view of some of the cards from the recently publicized "Black Swamp Find" of vintage E98 Baseball caramel cards.  A Honus Wagner is one the left, and on the right is a Ty Cobb.  Then, look at that stack to the left of the Wagner.  Is that a stack of graded Wagner's?  Holy Moly!  I had read there were nearly 700 E98 cards found.
(twitter pic @SportsCardNews)

This is something pertinent to my interest.  @SportsCardNews shares a Jackie Robinson game jersey.  Awesome!
(twitter pic @SportsCardNews)

Again, from @SportsCardNews is a great pic of probably the rarest 90's Baseball card.  Here is a President George Bush 1990 Topps card featuring him in his Yale University Baseball uniform.  It is believed only about 100 or so cards where made and passed along directly to President Bush by the Topps Chairman, but somehow a handful of copies made there way into actual Topps packs.
(twitter pic @SportsCardNews)

The Diabetic Card Geek (a card blogger) was also at "The National" on day 1 and shares a table filled with junk card goodness.  I want those Diamond King cards sets!  Pic at @ThoseBackPages.
(twitter pic @ThoseBackPages)

Of course, cards and memorabilia aren't the only things at the show.  There are also many autograph opportunities.  Here is "should-be" Hall of Famer Jack Morris signing for fans.  Pic via @SportsCardNews.
(twitter pic @SportsCardNews)

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