Friday, September 21, 2012

Just Awesome! Jackie Robinson Movie Trailer is Out

The first movie trailer for "42" the Jackie Robinson movie is out, and it looks good.  Let's hope it's as riveting as this preview.  The film is expected to hit the big screens in April.  (Hat Tip: Steve Dilbeck at the LA Times)

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  1. A while back we had a artical about George Shotgun Shuba shaking Jackie Robinsons hand.the day the line was crossed .think they will keep this out of the movie..why ? something is wrong here

  2. I have no idea if they will include this moment. I don't get the impression that this film is a totally faithful biopic... it's more like a entertaining look at his life... HEck, the fact that they have him showboating just a little bit is counter to reality. Jackie, and for that matter a majority of players in the league, would never purposefully show-up a pitcher unless he wanted to get a fastball at the head

  3. Yes Your right. Dodger history is how they want it to be..not how history unfolded....
    The Moment on the field when pee wee reese put his hand on jackies shoulder perhaps never happened, no photo of it,no proff and a few players on the dodgers team said it never happened. The Moment when George"Shotgun"Shuba came to the plate and shook the hand of Jackie Robinson was in every newspaper acroos the county in 1946.. why is it not now..?
    It happened a year before the so called pee wee moment. It was the first act of kindness to Jackie in organized play.
    And in the new movie at the end of it, they have a camera view of a photo of Jackie and Pee Wee in that god they just faked a photo so it looked like their is a real photo of this moment. They just made a fake
    something is going on...might be all because of $

    1. It's always about the money. They want an entertaining film that loads of people will watch. If that means cutting here and splicing there, so what? Right?

      I understand where a movie studio is coming from, but I would much rather prefer a historically accurate account.

      Nevertheless, I'll be watching this anyway... and I suspect I'll be very entertained if the movie is as well done as the preview

  4. Did some more research on George Shuba Jackie Robinson handshake..April 18 1946..found many books with this photo in it, including Rachel Robinsons own book she wrote, a very large one page photo of that handshake is in it. One book states that Jackie was afraid that none of his teammates would shake his hand in public.Found the Dave Anderson New York Times artical..very the handshake did happen and it was one year before the pee wee moment..
    I go to copperstown every year now and I have been in every corrner in that place and no Handshake moment photo is diplayed anywhere Thats strange , it should be in the Hall of Fame correct ? somewhere right .
    Also looked at the trailer of the Jackie Robinson movie and their is a handshake moment in the movie, I paused it and I could not beleive what I seen..In the moment Jackie has no face..looks very computer generated...their is a white guy shaking Jackie hand but his number is 0 yes and they have Dodger uniforms on.
    I watched the Jackie robinson movie.1950 .and the handshake moment is in it.
    Going to look into this a bit more...can't wait to see the movie and if this is in it historical correct..

  5. Hello, another update on the George"Shotgun"Shuba Handshake with Jackie Robinson April 18, 1946 in the movie.
    I just received the official movie novel book by scholastic.
    I wanted to see where they have the Handshake moment in it, well guess what, it's not in the book . Wow.. They just didn't talk about George shaking Jackie's hand at the moment never happened ! The Book says "Jackie was not in a hurry running the bases, especially with two of this teammates making their way ahead of him. Both of them turned and waited for him once they'd crossed home plate, and shook his hand as he joined them" well this never happened , the two so called teammates did not shake Jackie's hand, they crossed home plate about 15 feet away and turned and watched to see if George"Shotgun"Shuba would shake Jackie's hand, they did not shake Jackie's hand, they didn't want to. So looks like someone has History wrong, just look at the assocated press photo's web page and you can see a wide angle photo of the moment, it clearly shows the two so called teammates back from homeplate, one on his knees behind the other watching ,waiting to see if George would do it.
    Many books out have the moment in it, talking about George and Jackie shaking "First in the Field" derek t. dingle, " Baseballs Jackie Robinson" john grabowski "Baseballs fabulous Montreal Royals" william brown
    ,"Betweeen the baseline " glen stout 'Autobiography of Baseball" joseph wallace"Jackie Robinson an intimate portrait" rachel robinson
    just to name a few, and some are children books.
    Go to the official George'Shotgun"Shuba web page, it's a beautiful site about George the Dodgers and The handshake moment with Jackie, and you can read all about it. or Google George Shuba Jackie Robinson and read..alot
    will be looking for something in the movie with the handshake moment in it...will keep you updated

  6. Final update on the George "Shotgun"Shuba Handshake with Jackie Robinson on April 18,1946.
    ok well I went to see the movie and sure enough they didn't have George shaking Jackie's hand, they had a couple white players shaking his hand, looks like they were waiting for him ...
    THIS NEVER HAPPENED... you would think the movie producer would look up American history and just maybe google search the moment to see what truly happened.. Now Let me ask myself, Why is the George Shuba Handshake Moment passed over , why would they not put George in the movie doing this...
    Not Sure...but what we can conclude is that they did it's all over the world in Books and newspapers who shook Jack's hand it was George..Shotgun"Shuba
    You see it was customary for the whole bench to exit and go up to home plate to congratulate your teammate's home run.
    The TRUTH of the moment is that no one would exit the dugout they all sat and waited to see if the on deck hitter would..
    He did and that moment is known as "A Handshake for the Century"
    So I feel the movie is not a true story in some ways ...why does Dodger History crisscross American History...
    I found the George Shuba Face book page Check it out...heck check out the library of congress to see what really happened. I heard the family had alot to do with the movie and how it was , you would think they would know it was George"Shotgun"Shuba who shook Jacks hand, his wife was at the game right !
    This is a significant moment in time and history...the first time a white hand clasped a black in congratulations in organized baseball history. Also Jackie's first home run in professional baseball , the day the color line was broken in professional baseball. I know all this because my little girl did her history project on this moment and I research the moment with her. She is very upset they looked over this moment.
    Wonder why ? I think alot of people are asking WHY ?
    thats it...


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