Tuesday, November 20, 2012

AJ Ellis and Clayton Kershaw have Too Much Time on their Hands- They went on a Twitter Battle Yesterday

Below is a sequence of events that should forever live on in the intertubes.
Did the @Dodgers on twitter just goad AJ Ellis and Clayton Kershaw into a little twitter fight? 
(twitter link)

Why, yes they did.  And Kershaw was the first to take the bait.
(twitter link)

I smell a twitter war!  Well, not exactly.  AJ Ellis tweets a pic of himself from the 2008 Dodgers rookie hazing party.
(twitter link)

You just can't beat a catcher with a sense of humor.

Then, Marcus Hanel, the bullpen catcher for the Milwaukee Brewers, decides to twist that knife.
(twitter link)

Of course, our resident team comedian can't let that stand.
(twitter link)

In the meantime, AJ Ellis decided to up the ante.
(twitter link)

Deciding not to be outdone, Clayton tweets a pic that forces AJ to wave the white flag.
(twitter link)

All the while, a former Dodger decided to chime in.  From catcher Paul LoDuca:
(twitter link)

Yeah, catchers are the unsung heroes of any Baseball team.

As a final salvo, I ran into the below pic on twitter @Angry_Albert that should become the newest "hot" meme.  Heck, if there is any justice in the world this pic should make AJ Ellis world famous.
(photo link)

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