Tuesday, November 27, 2012

SCP Auctions: Jackie, Dixie, and the Lip

I think I'm back in the saddle again.  Initially, I had wanted to post this up yesterday, but the chaos of the day at work had me unable to finish up this post.  Fortunately, I found a little time today to fix that. 

Featured here are some Dodgers related memorabilia currently on auction at SCP.  As always, they never fail to delight me like a child looking through an online catalog of toys.  I feel like my 7 year-old nephew as he hammers away on the keyboard while yelling "Ninjago!"  If you don't know, that's a Lego toy that currently has my brother-in-law tied up in knots as he tries to satisfy my nephews desire for more.

Anyway, there was one item that had me screaming like a little child.  "Jackie!"  Directly below is a Jackie Robinson card that is just perfect.  It is a 1949 Bowman rookie card of Jackie, and it at one time resided within his personal collection.  Heck, it even comes with a "Letter of Provenance" from Rachel Robinson.  See it below.

This particular card in this condition would normally sell for $400 to $500, tops.  But, since it used to belong to the Jackie it will sell at a steep premium.  It currently sits at $1,952.00.  Wow!
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Frankly, the jersey below is a run-of-the-mill when compared to Jackie's card above.  Still, I can't say no to a game-worn vintage jersey of Leo "the Lip" Durocher.  It is from 1939.
(Auction Link)
(Auction Link)

Below is an interesting Dodgers memorabilia piece.  Check out the Silver Slugger bat that was presented to former Dodger Dixie Walker, but it was not made by Louisville Slugger.  Instead, it was made after the fact by the old boss wanting to acknowledge a former players great season.  I'll let the auction description take it from here:
In 1971 Dodgers owner Walter O’Malley sought to acknowledge an important achievement in his team’s history, that being Dixie Walker’s 1944 NL batting title. Because Walker’s achievement pr-dated the issuance of silver bats, O’Malley rectified the matter by having the offered item produced. This full size, H&B Louisville Slugger model 125, Dixie Walker signature model bat bat, finely crafted in sterling silver by Hillerich and Bradsby was issued in 1971 in recognition of Walker leading the National League in 1944 with a .357 batting average. Dixie Walker was a popular outfielder, often described as “The People’s Choice,” for the Brooklyn Dodgers during the 1940s. Walker hit his stride with the Dodgers from 1939 to 1947. While navigating the difficult right field wall in Ebbets Field, Walker played a key role in the Brooklyn pennants of 1941 and 1947. Walker followed up his batting title in 1944 by leading the league in RBI (124) the following year. After the 1947 season and some controversy surrounding Robinson coming to Brooklyn, Walker was traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates, where he played for two more seasons.
I guess in the mind of O'Malley, Walker had made amends for his past indiscretions regarding Jackie Robinson coming to the big leagues.
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