Thursday, November 15, 2012

Topps Heritage High Numbers- Dodgers Baseball Cards

As some of you may already know, Topps released a limited box set of 2012 Heritage High Numbers recently.  There are no boxes or packs available to purchase.  Instead, they sold their limited run of 1,000 complete sets online on their company website.  As you can imagine, they sold out as quickly as Jose Reyes' stay in Miami. 

Only five Dodgers are included in the set- which is rather disappointing.  No team had more changes in their lineup than the Dodgers. 

They totally failed to include our recent pickups.  Isn't the purpose of this kind of set is to include any new players attained through a trade?  How could they forget to include the likes of Hanley, Adrian, Beckett and Crawford?  Anyway, below is a checklist of the 5 Dodgers they did include, and a pic showing them all.
H580 Chris Capuano
H594 Kenley Jansen
H668 Juan Uribe
H669 Bobby Abreu
H672 Ted Lilly 

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