Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2012 Leaf Memories Baseball - Dodgers Cards - Piazza, Lasorda, Valenzuela, Puig and Seager

Leaf has gone Baseball card crazy the past several weeks.  Since the end of the 2012 Baseball season they have released a Metal Baseball Draft set and Valiant Baseball Draft set.  Now, they release probably their best set this year.  Just out in stores is 2012 Leaf Memories Baseball.  See a complete checklist here.

This set takes a look back at a once loved and revered Baseball card set- 1990 Leaf.  It uses the exact same design while also including foil stamped buyback cards from the original 1990 set.  Heck, they even put together a 70 player checklist of autographed buyback cards that were inserted into packs.  BTW, this is a very limited product.  Only 155 (10-box) cases were produced.  The base cards to the new set are numbered to only 99, the autographed base cards are numbered to 25, and the buybacks are numbered to 20  (with a couple of limited parallels added on).

Check out the Dodgers base cards below.  Every base card has a companion autographed version available.  Click on any pic to embiggen.

#544 Corey Seager / #AU-CS1 Corey Seager

#552 Yasiel Puig / #AU-YP1 Yasiel Puig

#567 Mike Piazza / #AU-MP1 Mike Piazza

#575 Tommy Lasorda/ #AU-TL1 Tommy Lasorda

Fernando Valenzuela is the only Dodger in the autographed buyback checklist.  As you can see, it has been embossed with silver foil and is numbered to only 34 copies- this corresponds to his uniform number.

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  1. Interesting set. I really don't like the cards without team names, logos on the uniforms, hats. I understand Topps is the only MLB sanctioned company now able to do so. Panini and Upper Deck apparently can produce as Leaf does, with approval of MLBPA, without team names, logos.


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