Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Blog Bat Around: I've Got $1600 Burning in My Pocket and eBay on the Mind

Many moons ago, the card collector blogger community would occasionally get together for some collective blogging.  Someone would propose a topic or question, and everyone else would provide their answer.  It was a great way to know a little bit about a favorite writer/collector, and I have to admit that I've missed it.  I think I speak for many in saying, "let's get more Blog Bat Around's going again."  To check out past post of mine responding to these questions go here.

Last week Drop the Gloves decided to bring back the this old tradition with a new question.  Let's pretend you've got $1600.00 ready to burn on eBay.  What would you buy?  Well, below is my answer.

I have always wanted the below item.  Check out this great 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers figurines.  It was created by the Danbury Mint and can be purchased for $525 on eBay.  That's a little overpriced, but it's the only one available at the moment.

Here is another collectible I've always wanted for my collection.  Below is a 1913 T200 Fatima team card of the Brooklyn Superbas.  This particular card is currently at $395 on eBay.  Again, it's a little pricey, but it's a "Buy It Now" so that's to be expected.

Below is another oddball Brooklyn Robins item.  This is a W504 1925 Universal Toy & Novelty team card of the Brooklyn club.  This will run you $205 on eBay.  I currently have the individual player strip cards and this card below is the last item I need to complete my set.  Check out the W504's that I have here, in my photoalbum on facebook.

I don't think any explanation is needed for this card.  Below is a 1955 Topps rookie card of Sandy Koufax.  It can be purchased for $269.

And since I'm dreaming about having the cash to do this, I would as my final purchase get this limited edition talking Vin Scully Bobblehead.  He makes his famous call on Kirk Gibson's home run during the 1988 World Series.  Only 3,000 of this version were made, and it's listed at $200 currently.

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