Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Ryu Underwhelming, Dodger Bats Quelled by Bumgarner

Well... That was disappointing. 

I was hopeful for a lights out performance by our newest import, but instead we got something more akin to a "ho-hum" lunch at a highway rest stop.  Sure, I knew he was far from a fire-baller, but his inability to consistently use his fastball and curve to setup batters for his change-up did not work out so well.  Still, you gotta love his poise.  Ryu gave up 10 hits in just over 6 innings of work, and he didn't look like he broke a sweat.  He definitely is unlike most rookies, in that he can take a less than stellar outing and not get too disturbed by it on the mound.

Heck, if not for the terrible plays by Justin Sellers that lead to two unearned runs, we'd be talking (no marveling) at his ability to get out of tough situations.  Even as he gave up hit after hit, he still looked composed.

Of course, the pitching was not the entire Dodgers story from last night.  The defensive meltdown by Justin Sellers really put a damper on the night.  Still, it's hard to say that Sellers' misplays was the cause for the loss.  After all, you've gotta score at least one run to win a game, and unfortunately Giants' pitcher Madison Bumgarner was up to the task.  He shut us down, and there is no shame in acknowledging his phenomenal night on the mound.

So, on a evening that saw Yu Darvish almost pitch a perfect game, all we can hope for is that the Dodgers have a perfect night at the plate against Tim Lincecum in the rubber match tonight.

Pic Credit: Photo at very top: Jon SooHoo/2013 LA Dodgers

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