Friday, May 10, 2013

Brooklyn Likes Ike - A Vintage Scorecard

It's been awhile since I've trolled through eBay for some vintage Dodgers goodness.  Thankfully, I found something uniquely great.

Featured here is a 1956 vintage Dodgers scorecard printed up by the King County Republican Party in New York to promote the reelection of Dwight D. Eisenhower - or Ike.  This scorecard was made for the upcoming World Series against the Dodgers and Yankees; as evidenced by the reverse (below).

The fact that a Baseball scorecard was used for Ike's reelection is so perfect.  As you may know, he was a huge Baseball fan.  He once said, via Baseball Almanac:
"When I was a small boy in Kansas, a friend of mine and I went fishing and as we sat there in the warmth of the summer afternoon on a river bank, we talked about what we wanted to do when we grew up. I told him that I wanted to be a real major league baseball player, a genuine professional like Honus Wagner. My friend said that he'd like to be President of the United States. Neither of us got our wish."
Not only that, Baseball surrounds his greatest letdown.
"Not making the baseball team at West Point was one of the greatest disappointments of my life, maybe my greatest."
I couldn't find much information about his favorite Baseball team, but I did find an interesting quote that comes from a talk with Dodger hurler Don Newcombe.
"I think I know how much you (Don Newcombe) wanted to win a World Series game. I for one was pulling for you, but I suggest that when you think over this past season you think of the twenty-seven games you won that were so important in bringing Brooklyn into the World Series."
So, maybe, at the very least, he followed the Dodgers.
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