Friday, May 24, 2013

Mattingly Doesn't Appear to be Going Anywhere and the Case of the Petulant Child

After a media firestorm that had prognosticators predicting the imminent firing of Don Mattingly as soon as today, I think it's fair to say that this ain't going to be happening any time soon.  As reported throughout the day, Dodgers team management is supportive of Mattingly.  Via Jayson Stark at ESPN:
When Dodgers manager Don Mattingly abruptly criticized the lack of fight and competitiveness on his team's "All-Star" roster Wednesday morning, he wasn't aiming that critique at the front office, despite widespread assumptions to the contrary, sources said.

In fact, general manager Ned Colletti agreed on Mattingly's sentiments, sources told ESPN. And multiple sources say Mattingly is in no imminent danger of being fired.
I wasn't on the side that believed Mattingly was on the chopping block.  Nor did I believe that he was actually criticizing management.  I just thought that Mattingly was making the point that management put together a team of All-Stars in order to win, and it's on the players to deliver on that promise. In fact, he had said as much.
"All grit and no talent isn't going to make you successful. But all talent and not grit isn't going to get you there either."
You see, the former is a certain loser, but we have a team with talent.  Therefore, it's on the players to provide the grit in order to win.

As for Andre Ethier, I really wish he would stop being a baby, and stick to putting his head down and playing ball.  As reported today by Mark Saxon on twitter.
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As I wrote the other day, Andre shouldn't have taken anything Mattingly said personally.  He needs to look at it as an opportunity to get better.

In fact, I'll quote Stealing Home at All Trade Bait, All the Time who made this same point in a much more articulate manner last night.
Mattingly didn't bench Ethier because he doesn't have any fire, it's because Andre internalizes and misdirects it.  All athletes feel the emotion of the game; it's how they handle it that separates the great ones from the Milton Bradleys.
So, Andre... time to "man up".  You are owed no explanation.  Heck, I'm certain he's been spoken to about this kind of thing before.  In fact, Mattingly confirms that they spoke about it before the game on Wednesday.  Via David Vassegh on twitter:

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So wait a minute, here.  Considering this, isn't it clear that he hasn't yet been able to process the criticism in a manner that would provide beneficial results if he's still "stung" by it today.

Folks, we have a problem here.

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