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A Blue Heaven Chat with Aaron in the MLB FanCave About Yasiel Puig's Visit on Monday

With the Dodgers in New York for a historic match-up against the Yankees, Yasiel Puig decided to take in his day off (Monday) in the big city at the MLB FanCave.  As you probably know, uber-Dodger fan Aaron Roberts resides there, and was on-hand to greet the growing legend.  Thankfully, he was kind enough to sit down with us and share the experience with Blue Heaven.  Check out his what he had to say below.

Q:  Thanks for taking some time to tell me about your day yesterday (Monday).  The buzz around Dodgertown is that the Cuban sensation, Yasiel Puig, visited the FanCave.  What were your initial feelings when you heard he would be coming by for a visit?
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A:  We didn't find out until that morning. You can imagine my excitement waking up to that e-mail! Ha! I was going nuts. I couldn't wait. This guy is a legend in the making from my team, and I get to meet him. I was beyond pumped.
Q:  Tell me a bit about when he arrived.  What did you folks do?
A:  When he first arrived, I had the biggest smile on my face. I had seen him play before at Spring Training this year, but I was still shocked to see how big he was in person. The guy's hands are the size of my head. I was actually pretty nervous to meet him because I was wearing my Dodgers Puig shirt and didn't know if that would make him feel weird or be flattering. After the initial round of introductions, we took him around the Fan Cave and showed him all of the amazing things that we get to see and interact with on a daily basis. He was stoked to see everything and was incredibly energetic. We played ping pong, skee-ball, "MLB The Show," joked around and just generally had an awesome time. He's a super nice and funny guy who really likes being a Dodger. That was the part that really put a smile on my face. The fact that this kid likes and wants to be a Dodger.
Q:  I understand that Yasiel heard the first track to Puig Destroyer and remarked, "that's very good".  Was he rocking out to it?  I'd be surprised if he was familiar with grindcore at all.  Although, with that Mohawk he certainly has the punk look down.
A:  He was jamming to it! Ha! He's definitely got that "rebellious punk" side to him. It was awesome because he had never heard them before and was pumped when we told him that it was a band called "Puig Destroyer."
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Q:  Hey, if Puig were to be in a metal band what instrument do you think he'd play?  How do you think Puig would do if a slam pit started up?
A:  Puig would definitely be either the lead singer who screams into the mic and pumps up the crowd or the drummer who uses a double kick drum and throws in a drum roll at every possible opportunity. And I pity anyone who would ever get into a pit with him! There would definitely be some broken bones that night. The guy is a beast!
Q:  I saw a few pics on twitter of Puig hanging out and noticed that he played some ping pong.  Was he any good?  Did you play him, and if so, who won?
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A:  I did get to play ping pong with him! Definitely one of the many highlights I have while being in the Fan Cave. He was really good too. I fancy myself a fine pong player, but I've got to say that he bested me. It was close, though. We played to five and he beat me 5-to-4. I was a little scared he was going to hit a rocket and my paddle would shatter! Ha ha!
Q:  I also saw him with that huge bat.  Does he plan on taking that out to Yankee Stadium today?
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A:  That bat that he was holding is awesome. It's a fixture of the Fan Cave and all the sluggers that come by pick it up. So naturally, Puig went right to it. I'm pretty sure if he used that thing at Yankee Stadium, he'd hit the ball out of Dodger Stadium (get it!? Because it's across the country? I'm so funny!).
Q:  Thanks again for being such a great Dodger FanCave rep.
A:  No, thank you for supporting me and following the MLB Fan Cave! This has seriously been the most amazing experience of my life and I appreciate the questions!
I can't tell you how envious I am of Aaron.  He is immersed in nothing but Baseball and has an opportunity to meet some of the best Baseball players around.  If you're interested in watching a video of Puig's day in the FanCave check out the video they provided below.  It's great.

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