Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2013 Topps Series 2 is in Stores - Check out the Dodgers Short Printed Variations - Kershaw, Kemp, Adrian & Ryu

The second helpings to the Topps flagship Baseball card set, Series 2, has just been officially released.  So, head down to your local hobby shop to check them out.

I'll have pics of every Dodger card in the set soon, so stay tuned.

For now, I thought I would focus on highlighting the handful of short printed Dodger variation cards that are randomly inserted into packs.  Out of the 25 different variations in the set, 4 of them are Dodgers.  At this time, it is unknown exactly how rare these cards are, but (as of this posting) I'll give a rundown on what they've recently sold for.  Keep in mind, it is still too early to really determine rarity.

UPDATE: Check out other 2013Topps Series 2 cards here.

22 Clayton Kershaw

There are quite a few Kershaw "signing autographs" variation cards on eBay already, so it doesn't appear to be very limited.  Only one closed sale exist, but it was done at a "Buy It Now" trade, so we don't know what it actually traded for.  We do know that the auction started at $99.99, so it likely sold around that price level.  Like I said above, with the large number of these cards already on eBay I suspect that sale will be a far outlier - meaning, way over priced.  6 of the Kershaw variations are on eBay with the highest value being $5.00.

228 Adrian Gonzalez

Above is a variation card of Adrian Gonzalez "signing autographs".  This is a very common theme for many of the different variation cards in the set.  Based upon current listings on eBay, this may be very rare.  There are no registered sales, and only one card can be found for sale.  It has one bid at $19.99.

I think the best thing about the above Kershaw and Adrian variation cards are the fans in the background.  How great would it be to realize you know the person in that photo.  Heck, maybe it's you!

242 Matt Kemp

Matt Kemp also has a variation card in the Series 2 set.  We'll call this "cool sunglasses".  Only 1 card has sold on eBay, and it sold for $48.00 under heavy bidding.  Currently, 6 cards are on auction - 1 has a bid of $0.99, and a "Buy It Now" sale sits at $11.99.  This may be a relatively common short print.

The final Dodger variation card is of Hyun-Jin Ryu - also sporting "cool sunglasses".  There has been 1 sale at $56.00 with heavy bidding, and 6 cards are currently available for sale.  So far, bidding ranges from $7.51 to $15.00.  There is a "Buy It Now" listed at $9.99 right now.  This card doesn't appear to be very rare.

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