Monday, July 29, 2013

Hyun-Jin Ryu's Superfractor Has Been Found and a Puig Superfractor Update

Following up on last weeks post featuring the Yasiel Puig Superfractor rookie card, I have just learned that the Hyun-Jin Ryu Superfractor card is also available for sale on eBay.  Check it out above.  The auction listing can be found here.

It has a "Buy It Now" price of $1,500.00 with over 2 weeks remaining in the listing.  Compared to the asking price for the Puig card this seems downright reasonable.  On the other hand, this card isn't truly his first Topps card.  He has cards in the Topps flagship Series 2 Baseball card set, as well as, Topps Archives and Topps Museum.

Currently, there are 16 offers on it with 25 collectors watching the auction.  I'm very surprised this has yet to to sell.  There are some monied Ryu collectors out there who, I'm sure, desperately want this "1 of 1" Ryu card.
(auction link)

I have a brief Yasiel Puig Superfractor update.

I was able to get in contact with the owner of the card, and here is what he said:
What went from an offer to buy my son a pack of cards, turned to the purchase of a full jumbo box based on his reminding/convincing me of his lucky picks for me in the past with retail blaster boxes from Target. Truth be told, this box was a bit out of my price range, but it was an opportunity to share something that I love with my Amazing Son!
I was hoping for a Puig but never imagined pulling the superfractor. I am planning on having the card graded and slabbed for its protection.
I'd like to see this card surpass the Strasburg superfractor but am not driven by greed, but base it's value on his limited cards available, his 5 tools, his being in the company of DiMaggio, his playing for the Dodgers in a Huge Market in Los Angeles, and the excitement and joy that he brings to the game day in and day out. No lottery numbers and the money most likely will go to help pay for college, I'm sure.
The auction has since closed, and it appears the owner will have it graded in anticipation of a future sale.  As for what it's worth, I really don't have a clue.

BTW, in case you're wondering what the lottery number mention above is all about... Well, I asked him if he purchased some lottery tickets that afternoon, and whether he could pass the numbers along to me.  I figured it was worth a shot.

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