Monday, August 12, 2013

A Musical Interlude with Happy Felton's Knot-Hole Gang

Since I posted up earlier today a little something about Happy Felton's Knot-Hole Gang, I decided to do a little more searching (namely trying to find video of the show) and came across something on youtube.  Unfortunately, it isn't a copy of the show itself, but it is a fun video showcasing the theme song of the show with some vintage Dodger photos overlapping it (including Happy Felton, himself).

The song is called "I Want to Be Happy", and it is performed by Benny Goodman & his Orchestra.  Watch and enjoy the tune below.

Video Link:

I also came across a funny story about the show, as told by Cal Abrams.  It is from his obituary from the NY Times by Richard Goldstein.
He once told a story that illustrated how he was overshadowed by the Dodgers' stars despite his memorable moment. Abrams recalled a scheme he engineered to earn extra cash. It involved Happy Felton's ''Knot Hole Gang'' pre-game television show, in which a Dodger player would work out with three sandlot youngsters. The player would get $50. The boy selected as the best of the three would come back the next day, go to the Brooklyn dugout and talk to his favorite Dodger, who would also get $50.

One day, Abrams was picked to play catch with the youngsters. As he told it: ''I got hold of this one kid, and I said, 'Look, I'm going to pick you as the best fielder, and in turn I want you to say that you want to talk to me in the dugout.' That way I would get an extra $50. So he said, 'All right.'

''And so I was throwing the ball to the three kids, and Happy Felton says: 'Cal, who do you think is going to make it?' I said, 'No. 3.' And the kid I had made the deal with comes over, and Happy says, 'Congratulations, here's an autographed ball, a Baby Ruth candy bar. Now who do you want to talk to in the dugout?'

''I'm waiting out there, and the kid says: 'Carl Furillo.' ''
Very funny stuff.

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